What is Cb Edit and How to do Professionally

Hello, Creative Artist, I know you are pretty familiar with the word CB edit. It's a famous type of edit which looks very cool contrasty and eye-catching.

What is Cb Editing and How to do Professionally

The article covers each point:-

  1. What is Cb Editing
  2. Professional members of CB edit
  3. How to do CB edit
  4. The Pro tip

learn cb editing

NOTE-The tutorial is for photoshop if you want to learn with picsart then click here 

1. What is CB Editing:-

Cb edit founder is Chetan bohir lives in Navi Mumbai he creates the Cb edit type. On his short-name/Nickname, CB (Chetan bohir) name was famous for amazing work and this is now an official group of many photographers and artist and models.
They normally create manipulations with the help of Photoshop and Lightroom. so many other people use picsart for making manipulation.

founder of cb edit

2. Professional members of CB edit Gang:- 

As I mentioned above CB edit is a large group of people they have too many members but few are the professional and official member like
  1. Chetan Bhoir
  2. Gopal Pathak
  3. Shrutika Das
I mentioned their Instagram link just click on their name.
They have also an Official FB group name as Chetan Bohir

member of cb edit

3. How to do CB edit:-

So I know after reading this article you wondering how to do CB edit professionally so now lets start.

The process is very simple but you need an external plugin name is Nik collection don't be panic its free software. :-)
  • So first you need to open a photo in photoshop and tweak the photo in camera raw and make some changes increase the clarity(+3 - +15) and hit open.

starting step to do cb edit

  • After opening the photo we have to separate the subject and background in 2 different layers so we can work properly with each layer as our needs
  • For separating layers first make a selection on our subject(person) and press ctrl+c (copy) and after copying the subject press ctrl+v (paste) so the subject move on his separate layer.
  • After separating the subject to another layer now go to the original photo layer and make an easy selection around the subject. and press ctrl+backspace
  • And choose content aware and hit OK

content aware cb edit

  • After hitting OK the subject will blend into the background and the subject will be hidden if the photo has any issue regarding unnecessary part then use the clone tool to blend that part manually. The edited photo looks like the photo down below.

hide the photo

After the subject and background separate from his own layer we have to color grade the background. In CB edit normally the background is dark and contrasty and very detailed and some time with orange&red trees to orange&red the trees we use Indian summer filter in Nik collection but in this case we are not going to change the color of trees.
  • For Colour grading the background, we have to go on filter panel and click on Nik collection and choose Color efex pro 4.
  • After the Nik collection open we have to add Dark contrast filter and Detail extractor and foliage altogether and tweak as our taste and need and hit OK it takes some time to apply the filter on the image. 
  • you can also use Custom background for better results. 

color grading the background

  • After the background color grade, we have to blur the background
  • In CB edit the background is more blur then real photo so we have to blur the image as our taste.
  • To blur the background we use Field blur tool(you can use any other tool) and set the blur setting to 50 (as our need) and for some bokeh set 35% and play with light range as our taste. 
cb edit background

  • After blurring process the photo background editing process is done.
  • We have to work on the subject(person) now which is on his own separate layer. So hide the background layer and start working on the subject to make the background and subject look equally(blending together).

working on subject

  • Now to color grading the subject we have to go to filter panel and click on Nik collection and choose Color efex pro 4.

color granding the image

  • After the color grading the subject. Now unhide the background and check both images is blending or not if is blending then great if not then tweak in the photo as need.

learn cb editing in 5 minute

  • After the subject and background blending properly its time to retouch the hair.
  • For retouching the hair we use smudge tool with default brushes you can use other hair brushes with the strength is 70% and retouch the hair as our taste.

smudge tool

  • After the hair retouching, we have to use Dodge&burn tool to creating the artificial lighting.
  • First press Ctrl+N (new layer) and after that press Ctrl+backspace and select 50% Gray and hit OK and set the blending mode to overlay and grab the Dodge tool with the exposure of 20% and start brushing on where you want brightness and grab Burn tool and start brushing where you want Darkness. Create different layer as your need and perfectly blend them.

how to do cb edit

  • After the Dodge&burn its time to make a light source 
  • First make a new layer Ctrl+n and grab a brush tool and select white colour (you can choose any colour) and make the brush bigger and softer and click once on photo where you want light source and go to filter blur and choose Gaussian blur and blur the light source with +100 ratio and hit OK and set the opacity as requirement.

cb edit lights

  • Now our process is totally complete but if u want to Colour the eyes then make a new layer and grab a soft brush with Green color (choose any color) and brush a once on both eyes and set the opacity as the requirement. 

how to edit eyes like cb edit

Finally, we learn all the steps

4. The Pro Tip:-

"So if you read the whole article then you are pro, but you have to practice a lot to be a pro, no problem you will become pro soon. 

The pro tip is that tweak every filter setting each layer to get an amazing result. and for face retouching I use a smudge brush with 6-10% strength you can use smooth skin brush for that.

And its hard to learn with only images so if you like to watch a video about CB editing and other any edit tutorial then simply scroll down there is a  video for you so you learn easily.

how to retouch skin

Check out this video to clear your doubts  

All CB Edits Backgrounds

Every time you need different and aewsome background for your edit so you have to download background or create one so i will help you with giving 1000+ Background Free - Click here
So just download and show your skills to world Good luck☺


You can also edit photo like these in picsart but you have to be very patince because mobile screen was too small so you cant controll everything if you want to learn picsart editing then i just suggest a link just click on it- Right here
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