Fix-Blogger Link Not Showing up Highlighted in Published Post

Hey! are you changed your blogger/blogspot template?
Oh, Cool!

But you suddenly realized that your post URL(link) is not showing up highlighted.
No problem I have an easy and fast solution for you.

Fix-Blogger Link Not Showing up Highlighted in Published Post

Lets First understand what the problem is that we suffer from- The link is not colored because that Theme developer creates that template to only show color on the link on when we hover over the link(when we scroll our mouse pointer on the link).

Let's start to solve this problem: 

  • First, Check the difference between the link.
  • When we visit the website the link looks like this(Normal text).
the image without colored link
  • When we hover the mouse pointer on the link the color of the link is changed automatically.
  • Now Check the image above&below to understand the difference between in both images.
the image with colored link
  • First, click on the theme section.
  • Second, take a backup of your template so if you messed up with anything you can revert it back easily. 
  • Third click on edit HTML.
Setting up for the editing theme
  • Click anywhere in code section and Hit "CTRL+F".
  • After this you got a new Search box to find anything in the template.
editing html of blogger
  • Now after search box appeared you have to search a string.
  • Type "visited" in the search box.
  • And find this string in source code "visited{color:#444;"
  • The #444 Color code stand for black color So we have to change this.
searching link color string
  • Now search on google for HTML color code table.
  • And choose the color that you want to highlight the link.
  • In my case, I choose default blue link color "#0000FF"
choosing color code for highlighting the link
  • Select and Copy the color code and get back to the HTML editor.
  • Select visited color code in HTML and replace with the new color code.
  • Don't mess up with anything just changed the code from "# to the last alphabet".
  • Check the image below for better understanding.
blogger link visted color code changed
  • Now everything is done just save the template.
  • And Open your any post.
  • Congrats your link is now colored (highlighted).

Now the problem is solved but I have a golden tip for you. 

  • If you want the link color blue when the visitor visits your page.
  • But when they hover over the link then the color change in another color.
  • To do this changed hover color code in the next of visited color code into HTML editor.
  • See the image below to get my point easily.
  • Just changed the color code that I selected in below image.

Ok, I am pretty sure your problem is solved now.

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Thanking you any problem comment down below I will surely reply as fast as I can.

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